How Colour Can Transform a Room and Your Feelings

colourful cushionsEver since I can remember I have loved colour and how it can make you feel. Sometimes it can reflect how your feeling. I have been fascinated how you can transform a room by adding or removing just one colour. This has stayed with me and therefore when I recently went to Chelsea Harbour Design week I loved seeing all the new designs and colours in fabrics that had just been launched. In particular I loved the Sandersons new range of fabrics.

One design that grabbed my attention was a design called Aspen. It reminded me of the 100 acre wood. Therefore when we had a client who had some amazing abstract artwork and unusual pieces of furniture we thought that she would like Sandersons new range of fabrics. Fortunately for us she did and we put together a theme from our clients favourite fabrics and just by making up some new curtains and cushions her lounge was transformed.

I also loved the collection by Jane Churchill called Aqua & Green. It’s got that real freshness that we all want in Spring. I know we haven’t had much of a Spring weather wise but you can create a welcoming atmosphere with a few simple and inexpensive touches. Adding new soft furnishings and accessories, working around your existing décor, is a great way to make changes. In a recent survey it was revealed that the most popular ways to add personal touches to your home were with wallpaper, family pictures, childrens drawings and fragrance.

Tips on how to refreshen your home:

  • Add a mix of patterned cushions to match your colour scheme
  • Update your sofa with a throw
  • Update old lampshade by recovering in fabric